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Aberlink - 30 Years of Award-Winning British Innovation

Aberlink - A Remarkable Metrology Success Story.



Since the launch of our first ground-breaking Coordinate Measuring Machine, the best-selling Axiom, Aberlink have earned a global reputation for producing a range of affordable CMMs and Optical Measuring Systems - recognised internationally for quality, accuracy, robustness, speed and ease of use.

Incorporated in 1993, Aberlink has an impressive record of growth founded on innovation. This has been the background for all our patent protected product development over the last 30 years with the tagline 'Innovative Metrology' firmly at the heart of company philosophy.

From our headquarters in Eastcombe, Gloucestershire, England we are engaged in every aspect of providing industry with innovative metrology products that are reliable, cost effective and above all easy to use. Through our distributor network in over 40 countries worldwide we provide all sectors of manufacturing with world class sales and aftercare service.

Chosen by large and small companies throughout the world, our comprehensive range of CMMs and Optical Measuring Systems are commonplace within demanding market sectors, such as: Aerospace, Automotive/Autosport, Electronics, Oil and Medical industries - Safety critical fields where precision is a pre-requisite. In addition to the reputation we enjoy in our domestic market, our increasing global standing means that we currently export a remarkable 81% of our output. As our products are now sold into virtually every country throughout the industrialised world, we ensure that our extensive network of overseas agents are able to provide levels of service and training to match the high quality of our products.

A steadfast commitment to R&D, allied to our understanding of global industries measuring requirements, has ensured a steady stream of commercially successful product launches. Our understanding of the principles of design-for-manufacturing, the use of advanced materials and an innovative approach to metrology, helps our creative, design-lead company's range of products to deliver class-leading performance. As our customers are the world's most demanding consumers - Quality Professionals - our skilled workforce remain committed to producing the highest quality products possible.

Aberlink's products and services provide customers with remarkable value for money. This has been achieved by producing a fully self-contained business model from day one. Because we machine all the components for the machines ourselves, we understand the manufacturing process fully, and clever design for-manufacture ensures simple and reliable products with no redundant costs. All assembly of the machines is performed on-site in Gloucestershire, where the software is also written in-house. We are a fully integrated company with minimal external costs and that is why we are able to offer the amazing value for which Aberlink has become renowned throughout the world.

21 Feb 2023