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Index Motion: Motorised

SP25M (Scanning probes system)

At only 25 mm in diameter, and with a range of scanning and touch-trigger modules, the SP25M is the world's most compact and versatile scanning probe system.
The SP25M comprises two sensors in a single housing. Users can switch between a choice of four scanning modules (which can carry M3 styli with lengths from 20 mm to 400 mm) and an adaptor module that is compatible with Renishaw's TP20 range of probe modules. This capability enables scanning and touch-trigger probing in a single probe system.
The SP25M's compact size and autojoint mounting makes it compatible with the PH10M/MQ and PH6M probe heads. It can also be mounted on a multiwired extension bar. Together, these combinations permit excellent reach and access to part features.

Features and benefits
  • World's smallest scanning probe at only 25 mm in diameter
  • Excellent metrology - isolated optical sensing and 3rd order polynomial compensation
  • Four modules provide optimal performance across a range of stylus lengths (up to 400 mm)
  • Two sensors in one - scanning and touch-trigger
  • Crash protection and simple stylus changing
  • Fast and simple probe calibration cycle
  • Ideal for profile and form measurement
  • Suitable for use on motorised indexing heads for greater flexibility and shorter scanning cycle times
  • Simple and robust design for greater reliability - no motors or locking mechanisms

SP25M specification


Renishaw autojoint : PH10M, PH10MQ or PH6M
May be mounted on autojoint extension bars

Suitable interface

Either: UCC controller
Or: AC3 PC interface card for machines not fitted with the UCC controller

Probe attributes

3-axis analogue measurement (X, Y, Z)
Pivoting motion in XY plane with translation in Z direction

For SM25-5: Plane translation in all 3 axes XYZ

Measurement range

±0.5 mm (±0.02 in) in X, Y and Z
For SM25-5: ±0.3 mm

Overtravel range

±2.0 mm (±0.08 in) in X and Y
1.7 mm (0.07 in) in +Z
1.2 mm (0.07 in) in –Z

For SM25-5:
±X, ±Y = 0.95 mm (0.037 in)
+Z = 1.0 mm (0.039 in)
-Z = 1.1 mm (0.043 in)

Crash protection

X, Y, –Z - break-off of either module or stylus holder
+Z - integral bump-stop design


< 0.1 µm (0.000004 in) with either UCC2 daughtercard or AC3 interface card

Spring rate

0.2 N/mm to 0.6 N/mm nominal dependent on stylus length


Single viscous fluid damper
For SM25-5: Two viscous fluid dampers

Power supply

+12 V (±5%), –12 V (+10% / –8%), +5 V (+10% / –13%) DC at probe

Outputs (X,Y,Z)

Non-linear and non-orthogonal analogue outputs - rate, gain and resolution are not fixed
SP25M requires that a non-linear, third-order polynomial calibration method is used.

SP25M modules and stylus holders
A range of module kits allows SP25M users to build up their probing capability over time.
Each SM25-# scanning module is optimised in terms of gain and spring rate to suit the range of stylus lengths specified. For every module, there is a matching SH25-# stylus holder.
The SH25-3 and SH25-4 stylus holders are constructed with a fixed carbon fibre stem to which an M3 stylus is mounted, selected to provide the correct working length.
Whilst the SP25M can carry cranked (non straight) styli configurations when using SM25-1/2/3/4 scanning modules and the original standard stylus holders (SH25-1/2/3/4) but for optimum metrology where larger offsets are required Renishaw recommends the new SH25-2A/3A/4A range of stylus holder, specifically designed to meet the challenges posed by such stylus arrangements.






TTPadaptor module

To be used with SH25-1

Stylus length:
20 mm to 50 mm

To be used with SH25-2

Stylus length:
50 mm to 105 mm

To be used with SH25-3

Stylus length:
120 mm to 200 mm

To be used with SH25-4

Stylus length:
220 mm to 400 mm

To be used with SH25-5 for non-straight and star stylus arrangements

Stylus length:
20 mm to 100 mm

To be used with TP20 touch-trigger modules and extensions


FCR25 flexible change racks
A range of FCR25 module change systems, each of which allows any of the SP25M system elements to be stored in each port.

  • SM25 scanning modules and the TM25-20 TTP module adaptor can be docked directly into the FCR25 ports
  • SH25 scanning stylus holders require a PA25-SH adaptor
  • TP20 modules can be stored with the help of a PA25-20 adaptor


port adaptor insert kit



Triple port unit suitable for fitment to the MRS modular rack system.

PA25-SH and PA25-20 inserts to store SH25-# stylus holders or TP20 probe modules.

3-port stand-alone unit for smaller CMMs and optical CMMs.

6-port stand-alone unit for smaller CMMs and optical CMMs.


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