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CMM Camera System

CMM Camera System
CMM Camera System
CMM Camera System
CMM Camera System


CMM Camera System

  • Sensor: 3 Mega pixel high speed colour camera
  • Resolution: 2048 x 1536 (QXGA)
  • Stand off: min 125mm | max 1000mm (manually adjusted)
  • Field Of View: min 9.5mm | max 125mm
  • Pixel Size: min 4.8μm | max 48μm
A collimated back light option is available for when
measuring 3D or small turned components - see accessories (inside back cover)

Aberlink’s camera system offers a non-contact facility on any Aberlink CMM. A clever design of magnetic, kinematic joint allows the probe and camera to be swapped in just seconds. This means that components can be inspected using both touch trigger and vision inspection technology on the same machine.

The camera incorporates a telecentric lens that gives a distortion-free image on the monitor. It also contains a fully programmable 16-LED light ring which contains alternate white and UV LEDs. The white LEDs provide surface illumination in the normal manner whilst the UV LEDs provide an ingenius solution to the perennial problem of backlighting on a CMM - the component to be measured is simply placed on a plate containing special reflective paper. Just another example of Aberlink’s innovative approach to solving metrology problems.

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