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Integral Probe: Yes

Index Motion: Manual

Max. Length: 150mm

Index Resolution: 15°

Index Positions: 168

Repeat. Indexing: Yes

Repeat. Stylus Change: Yes

MH20i (Manual Indexable Probe Head)

The MH20i probe offers repeatable manual indexing of the probe head from 0° to 90° in the A axis and through 360° in the B axis with a lever locks the head in one of up to 168 repeatable positions, set at 15° increments. Ideal for manual CMMs, it can also be used on CNC models, but will require intervention from the operator whenever indexing is required. The MH20i uses a TP20 stylus module, which in turn accepts the M2 range of styli.

Length 61 mm
Diameter 48 mm
Weight 210 g
Probe mounting TP20 kinematic mount
Head mounting MS range of shanks
Suitable interface PI 200-3
Number of probe sockets 1
Probe status indication 1 LED
Cable connection 5 pin DIN 180º socket
A-axis indexing 0° to 90° in 15° repeatable steps
B-axis indexing 180° in 15° repeatable steps
Repeatability of position 1.5 µm (0.00006 in) (TP20 and 10 mm stylus fitted)
2.5 µm (0.0001 in) (EM2 extended module and 10 mm stylus)
Maximum extension bar EM2 extension module - 75 mm (2.95 in)

TP20 Stylus Module


  Application Trigger forces* Stylus lengths

SF- Standard force

TP20 SF module


Suited to the majority of applications

 XY: 0.08 N

 Z: 0.75 N

 Stylus: 10 mm

10 mm to 50 mm GF

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