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FixBase (Modular Fixturing Systems)

Base plates and positioning systems Witte FixBase:
The sandwich of precision and stability

Witte's FixBase programme's accurate and rigid structure plates serve as a basis for measuring fixtures or structures, as a replacement for granite CMM measuring surfaces, as well as transport plates and cubes with five usable grid surfaces. Their sandwich design offers the highest rigidity with comparatively low weight.
The FixBase elements are based on Witte‘s modular philosophy and derive from the worldwide established Witte modular system ALUFIX for frame or column type fixtures.
FixBase can be used in combination with articulated arm measuring systems, tactile coordinate measuring machines, laser, scanning or photogrammetric systems and even on sequencing or rotary tables.

Adding hovercraft or roller drive systems result in manually operated mobile solutions. FixBase structure plates with rails or friction wheel drive and transponder control provide a semi or fully automatic loading solution. Vertical structure plates on hovercraft turntables and / or horizontal plates on motorized rotary tables provide further freedom of movement - for example in robotic measuring cells. Applications as driverless transport systems (FTS) in fully automatic loading systems - either rail-guided, transponder-guided or navigating autonomously have been implemented.

FixBase: Features and Benefits

  • low weight and high rigidity due to sandwich construction
  • tight tolerances in flatness and parallelism
  • vertical and horizontal versions
  • optional hovercraft (with self-sufficient or mains-connected compressed air supply)
  • optional motor-driven (x / y friction wheel drive)
  • optional wired or wireless remote controlled
  • usable as a driverless transport system (FTS) for fully automatic feeder systems
  • variable grid bores, optionally with or without bushings
  • natural or black anodized or hard anodized available

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