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ABERLINK, 3D Measurement Software

Aberlink3D Mark 4

The whole philosophy for Aberlink is to make measurement easy. Aberlink 3D software has been written by engineers for engineers and sets the industry standard for simple-to-use software. Designed around a graphical interface. Aberlink 3D can work in 2D or 3D, on manual or CNC CMMs and is equally at home when used with either touch, scanning or vision systems.

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CAD Software Modules

CAD Comparison Modules

The Aberlink CAD Comparison software module enhances Aberlink 3D with the capability to compare measured points to a CAD model. Often this will be the only way to measure complex parts or perhaps sometimes drawings for the component simply don’t exist.

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Programming from CAD

For many years Aberlink 3D software has been setting the industry standard for both ease of use and speed of programming. However, until now this has been best done by using the teach-and-repeat method of programming when measuring a component.

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Vision Software

The Aberlink Vision software module allows Aberlink 3D software to be used for non- contact measuring. Fully Automatic edge detection tools can be used in both manual and CNC mode ensuring fast and repeatable results without relying on the skill of the operator.

Powerful tools allow both geometric and complex shapes to be measured easily.

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