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ABERLINK, Coordinate Measuring Machine Selangor

CMM Fixture Kit

Infinite Adjustment Of Components In Multiple Directions
The new generation of infinitely adjustable CMM fixture kits offer significant advantages over traditional fixture systems.

Patent pending T-slot and T-nut technology provides infinite adjustment of the fixture components in multiple directions.

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Industrial CMM Joystick

Robust, 3-Axis Hall Effect CMM Joystick

The industrial CMM joystick is a robust lower-cost version of the acclaimed CMM touch-screen joystick.

Functionality includes full X-Y-Z axis motion control, X-Y-Z +/- direction measurement capability, feed rate override and the ability to insert Move Via points as required.

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Touch Screen CMM Joystick

Complete Touch Control Of The Aberlink 3D Inspection Software

The touch screen joystick gives you control of the Aberlink 3D inspection software and the 3-axis machine motion from an easy to operate handheld device.

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CMM Collimated Light

The CMM collimated light enables backlight illumination of 3D or turned components when used with the CMM Camera System. When using collimated light to backlight components, a clear and crisp silhouette, similar to using a profile projector, is produced.

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CMM Temperature Compensation

The Aberlink Temperature Compensation option enables your CMM to maintain accuracy in an uncontrolled environment, such as on the shop floor.

In an ideal world, your CMM would be installed in a perfectly temperature controlled room.

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CMM Automation

The Aberlink automation interface adds the capability for Aberlink 3D programs to be remotely controlled and monitored using an external system allowing any Aberlink CMM to be integrated with an automated component handling system, whether this be a fully controlled, PLC driven manufacturing system, a robotic loader or just an automatic bar feeder.

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