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Vacuum Clamping Systems

Vac Mat Type Vacuum Chuck System

VAC-MAT type Vacuum Chucks (Vacuum Clamping Systems) The clamping system for 5-sided machining: VAC-MAT polymer mats for milling cutouts and contours.
With VAC-MAT polymer mats from Witte, workpieces can be machined completely in one vacuum clamping process. VAC-MAT allows milling of cutouts, slots etc.

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Microporous Type Vacuum Chuck System

Microporous type Vacuum Chucks (Vacuum Clamping Systems) Even clamping of thin-walled, sensitive and flexible substrates. Conventional, heated, cooled or with transmitted light.
Witte microporous vacuum chucks are the ideal solution for clamping and fixing for measuring and test procedures, for precision machining and in silicon wafer production.

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Perforated Grid Type Vacuum Chuck System

Perforated Grid type Vacuum Chucks (Vacuum Clamping Systems)

These chucks from Witte have many small bores over the whole surface.
Perforated grid chucks are custom built with extreme precision, preferably for  clamping and fixing of films and foils on machines for printing or photographic industries.

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Vacuum pump supply

Vacuum Pump Supply (Vacuum Clamping Systems)

Vacuum supply with Witte quality:
Pumps, units, workstations and liquid separators
With a wide range of pumps, units, workstations and liquid separators Witte creates the basis for efficient and effective vacuum supply.

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